PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis) is an FDA-approved, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-recommended daily prevention regimen for people who are HIV-negative who may be vulnerable to getting HIV, either through sex without condoms or sharing needles. PrEP is up to 99% effective at preventing HIV.

There are two forms of PrEP currently:

  • A daily pill – taking a pill every day keeps a constant level of protection from HIV
  • Injectable PrEP – getting a shot at a provider every 2 months provides protection against HIV

You might consider PrEP if you:

  • Don’t always use condoms with your partner(s)
  • You have been diagnosed with a sexually transmitted infection (STI) in the last six months
  • You’re unsure of the HIV status of your sexual partners
  • You’re in a relationship with an HIV-positive partner who may or may not be on HIV treatment
  • You are a person who injects drugs or you’re in a sexual relationship with an injection drug user
  • You’re HIV-negative and interested in PrEP (your body, your choice!)

If you are thinking of PrEP, please reach out to the many providers in WNY.

PrEP is not for everyone – but everyone should consider it as an option to protect themselves.