Housing CTA


*Below are numbers and a script to call about housing allowances for people living with HIV and AIDS. This is a crucially important piece to our agenda to end HIV. If someone is facing housing challenges, it becomes much more difficult to make regular doctor’s visits and adhere to their medicine. We want to improve housing conditions to work on the roots of the problem!*

Who to CALL:

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo: Call Gov. Cuomo at 518-474-8390. Listen through their option menu and press 2 to speak to an aide. You can also try calling the Counsel at the Governor’s office at either 518-474-8343 or 212-681-7753

OTDA Commissioner Samuel Roberts: Call Commissioner Roberts at 518-408-3847 or the general OTDA number at 518-473-1090. Email: nyspio@otda.ny.gov



I am calling from the Western New York End the Epidemic (or however you want to identify) and I want the governor to know about a concern I have in my community. I work with individuals living with HIV and are homeless or at great risk of becoming homeless. We do our best to help everyone in our community but we fall short in providing rental assistance for people who are living with HIV and AIDS. With the Governor’s agenda to end the epidemic of HIV and AIDS by 2020 we need expansion of the enhanced shelter allowance to be successful.

Expansion of the enhanced shelter allowance would support individuals with HIV and AIDS to have their basic need of shelter. When people are not worried about where they are going to sleep at night they can take their medication and engage with their medical providers. This results in people having undetectable viral loads and making the virus un-transmittable.

Please let the governor know that we are working hard to reduce new HIV infections but we need his help by expanding the enhanced shelter allowance in upstate NY.

Thank you!”